WHITE Posca Paint Pens – Variety Tip 8 pack


Uni Posca Medium Tip surfboard paint pens by Drew Brophy

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The essentials! This pack features 8 different size tips in WHITE.

This set has 8 different WHITE Posca markers with tips ranging from SUPER FINE to EXTRA BROAD.

Drew Brophy says:  “A variety of white tips are necessary for high-lighting and finishing off a painting to make it more dynamic.”

*Please note: We are temporarily out of stock on the plastic box that the pens come in, so your paint pens will arrive without the box shown in the photo.

Included in this box set:

1 each:  PC-1M WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-1MR WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PCF-350 WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-3M WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-5M WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-7M WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-8K WHITE Posca Paint Pen

1 each:  PC-17K WHITE Posca Paint Pen



“Poscas are the easiest medium for you to learn how to paint” –Drew Brophy

Uni Posca are opaque, water based paint pens.  Posca paint pens were originally designed to be used by children, but they are such a good medium that many professional artists use them (like me)! Many other paints and markers have harsh smells and toxic chemicals.  Posca is non-toxic and safe, leaves little to no mess, and the paint is contained in the pen. Posca washes off of hands easily with soap and water.

POSCA is a great tool for painting because it drys quickly and allows you to keep painting, fast, while you’re in your groove. POSCA colors are bright and blend easily.

With POSCA paint pens you can paint anywhere!  They are easy to carry in a small bag, there’s no messy setup of brushes, cups of water or tubes of paint.  Posca allows you to paint anywhere with ease; at home, in the backseat of a car, even at the beach!

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 7 in


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