Posca Surfboard Painting Kit with Online Course


The Complete Surfboard Painting Art Kit with an Online “How to Paint a Surfboard” Course with Drew Brophy.

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CUSTOMIZE YOUR SURFBOARDS WITH POSCA – Everything you need is in this art box!

Poscas are the easiest and best way to paint a surfboard.  Nearly everything you need is inside this box. 

Includes full access to Drew Brophy’s online course where he shares complete instructions on how to paint a surfboard with Posca.

Each box includes:

  • Drew Brophy’s ONLINE COURSE on HOW TO PAINT A SURFBOARD (A step-by-step guide valued at $99)

  • 14 assorted colors 7M Bullet Tip Posca Paint Pens

  • 1 each 5m Posca black and white

  • 1 each 3m Posca black and white

  • 1 measuring square

  • 1 sketch pad

  • 3 surfboard cutout templates

  • 1 scuff pad & 1 package acetone wipes

  • 2 pencils, eraser, ruler and pencil sharpener


What you will need to add:  Sandpaper and a clear spray to seal your artwork (and paper towels will come in handy!)

Drew Brophy designed this complete surfboard painting art kit to make painting your surfboard easy and fun!

This box is perfect for anyone who wants to paint their surfboards using Posca water-based paint pens. This makes for a great gift item for the surfer in your life.


  • Allow you to paint on top of the glass 

  • Enable you to paint up to 10x faster

  • Blends well and dries fast

  • They are non-toxic, easy to carry and can be used anywhere

  • Allows for endless creativity

  • Won’t wipe off in the water (if you prep and seal it)


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