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Mural #lostsurfboards art by drewbrophy #surfboardsart #muralsurfboards #drewbrophy

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At Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach with Drew and Dylan. Got to check out the VW Bus that drewbrophy painted for the festival. The Sawdust Festival is super cool, full of great art and fun stuff to do. This is the last weekend - the festival ends on Monday. It’s worth a trip!

#sawdustfestival #lagunabeach #surfart #vwbus #vdub #surfingart #vanlife #drewbrophy #vanart sawdustartfestival

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Did you know that #Posca paint pens work great on wood? Here’s the start of a dripping eyeball painting by @drewbrophy with Posca on wood. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Once you have the painting process and blending techniques down, you can paint any crazy thing you dream up!
☝️☝️☝️Tap link in bio for info on our Posca painting courses and complete art kits by Drew Brophy.
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@brophyartacademy #eyeball #drippingeye

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I'm trying to review contracts while Drew's doing this in my office?! Never a dull moment!

#Distraction #MannequinArt #Tattoo #UniPosca #DrewBrophy #FishArt drewbrophy

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Time to unleash the crazy

Inspired by Trash tv, tiger sharks and skulls behind Mark!
Tiger Shark King!
12x12 Posca

We have one episode left!
#PoscaPaintParty #poscapens #thepigcowtopusproject #sharks #tigerking #tigershark #king #posca #brophyalumni #brophyartacademy

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In Myrtle Beach South Carolina gearing up for drewbrophy big Retrospective exhibit that opens this Saturday at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum.
The street leading to the museum is lined with these flags. This event such an honor and one that both Drew and I have dreamed of for years.
Nearly 15 years ago, Drew's parents came to visit and we took them to a museum in San Diego for the Maxfield Parrish Retrospective Exhibit. As we followed Parrish's art career from start to finish, I felt an incredible feeling inside.
What I saw was an artist who began his career as a teenager, with limited skill. His early works were crude and unpolished. But you could see a spark of talent there. Then, as you walked room to room, you saw his art blossom as the years went on.
It was incredibly inspiring, to see that an artist could grow from crude pencil drawings as a young person to one of the most influential artists of his time.
I remember the moment we saw the masterpieces at the end of Parrish's career, and I turned and looked at Drew's mom and said "one day Drew will have an exhibit in a museum like this."
And the day is here! I'm trying to soak it all in, like a wedding day that goes too fast if you don't stay mindful of the moment.
IF YOU'RE ANYWHERE NEAR MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA come see us! The grand opening celebration (free) is at the museum this Saturday June 23rd 11-3. We are also leading exhibit tours for the following 2 weeks.

#drewbrophyretrospective #drewbrophy mbartmuseum #surfart #myrtlebeach

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Painting the walls of our old studio. Yesterday we said goodbye to that old space after 14 years! Time for a new chapter in our lives.

#sanclemente #artstudio #drewbrophy

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Painted this via #brophyartacademy online today, about an hour or so of painting with drewbrophy and philrobertsart so much fun to be able to learn from a couple of my all time favorite artists! Thanks for providing such an awesome experience!! πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ€˜πŸ½ ...

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I'm loving the energy of this latest painting by drewbrophy !

#sacredgeometry #drewbrophy #surfart #sanclemente #floweroflife

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Such a fun class!!! Thank you brophyartacademy drewbrophy philrobertsart 🌊🎨 ...

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Nice front cover on the local news of drewbrophy museum exhibit at mbartmuseum ! Thanks s_c_times . You got some great photos! And a shout out to scartsupply and artistheatherritts who made this happen. ✌️✌️✌️
#sanclemente #drewbrophyretrospective #drewbrophy #surfart #mayhem #myrtlebeach #museumexhibit

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This is Delicate - and today she celebrates all the women out there.
She reminds us that some women can yet be delicate, but we are all stronger than ever before. .
#emanaart #happywomansday #8marchwomensday
#emanaart #digitalart #jesslambert #fortyonehundred #_cryptik_ #tylerhays #salty_hippie #rob.c.art #fayehallidayart #visothkakvei #i.love.sharing.mandala #teena.kris #mandala.h.s #azartgroup #yantrart_design #artistsandfleas #gitasart #saudamini.madra #brophyartacademy #grom_it #rickiduran #tubsz_illa #bazfurnell #pokraslampas

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Many ask "How can I become well known for my art?"
I've given this a lot of thought. ✨
Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Maxfield Parrish and Gustav Klimt are examples of influential artists who became well known and enjoyed great success during their lives.
Looking at many of the great artists throughout time, I see 3 practices that they all share in common. ✨
The practices below are necessary ingredients to becoming well known for your work:
1.) Highly prolific ✨
They created art daily and in high volume. Picasso created tens of thousands of works in his lifetime. He's had more than 1,100 paintings stolen; more than many artists have created in their entire life!
Creating daily helps you master your craft quickly.
Having a high volume of artwork increases your number of strong, memorable pieces. In general, for every 20 pieces you create, only 1 or 2 will be great. If you create 20 a month, you'll have created more than a dozen good pieces that year. Multiple those numbers by a career spanned over 50 years.
2.) Lived the life of an artist
Art was their life, morning noon and night. Everything they did, every decision made, was with their art career in mind.
3.) They received criticism for their style(s) and didn't let that stop them; they had trust in their instincts to create art in a different way than what was acceptable at the time. ✨
Eventually, the criticism turned to acceptance and later, reverence.
Regardless of what you create; paintings, writings, sculpture, music, these ingredients are required to become known for your work.
I remind myself of this when I get lazy with writing; if I want to become known as an author, I have to put out more than just 2 or 3 books. I have to write dozens, and in my own style, in my own way, regardless of possible criticism. ✨
To become known for your art, you have to make it a priority in your life. I don't think there's one artist out there, that is well known, that hasn't done that. If you know of one, let me know!

#artmoneysuccess #mariabrophy #artbiz #picasso #drewbrophy #artgallery #sanclemente

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Visited Myrtle Beach Art Museum today - mapped out Drews big Retrospective Exhibit that opens June 23rd. We are so excited as it's a dream come true. Also looking forward to spending our summer on the East Coast this year!

#drewbrophy #museumexhibit #retrospective #myrtlebeach #southcarolina drewbrophy mbartmuseum

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Times like this, just need to create!!! Fun little guy wanting to just get outside and play a little⚽️!! #fewcrewstrong#brophyartacademy ...

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We have a very special board on the store. This 6’3”Lost Mayhem was painted by famous surf artist drewbrophy and Spoto. This summer Drew will be featured in the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. If you appreciate art and surfing culture, this could be your next decorative piece for $350. Oh yeah! And the board is water right and ready for waves as well πŸ€™πŸΌ
#shredseason #shredseasonsurfboards #drewbrophy #drewbrophyart #lostsurfboards #lostsurfboard #lostmayhem #surflost #charlestonsc #myrtlebeach #angryshroom #surfboardart #artistsoninstagram

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This is a photo from this mornings β€œDrew Brophy and Friends KINDNESS ROCKS virtual #PoscaPaintParty. β€œ 🎨🎨🎨
We all have the Freedom to Create and join as a global community- online! Thanks πŸ™ to the support from Posca, we are able to bring 3 live virtual parties to you each week. And we are giving away a box of Poscas at every party!
Also much love ❀️ and thanks πŸ™ to today’s guest artist @firedupmama and her lovely mini me, Willow. πŸ˜ƒ
To join our next free event, click the link in bio.
See you there!
#brophyartacademy #drewbrophy #posca #socialconnection #paint #havefun #stayconnected #create

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It's been 17 years since we saw drewbrophy 's PURE JOY painting in person, when it sold at the Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach. This has since become an iconic image in surf, and it also marked a change in Drews art from edgy and angry to love and joy. No coincidence that our son was born right before he painted it!
Yesterday the owner brought PURE JOY to us so it can be a part of Drews exhibition this summer at mbartmuseum . (Thank you brendansimmons !!!)
Good memories of Drew painting this in our backyard in 2001, when we couldn't afford a studio. So much has changed since then!
#purejoy #drewbrophy #museumexhibit #surfart #surfingart #posca

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Floating frogs by drewbrophy . So cute and I'm glad to see it going to a good home!

#drewbrophy #frogart #surfart #sanclemente #artstudio

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I did my first time lapse! It was pretty cool! Next time I will get a better view.
This piece is on the tail end of being finished! I try to do art as much as I can but I work full time still and tend to have multiple projects going on at one time that none get my direct focus πŸ˜…. I do feel that mandalas are such a calming thing to work on especially in these stressful times. It is so therapeutic to just keep going around the circle filling all the spaces. Giving the empty space the love it needs to become full and colorful!

My hoodie is by electrothreads and the artist of the hoodie is lauramcgowanart. Show them some βœ¨πŸ’œβœ¨

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Drew trying out my new crystal singing bowl. The beautiful crystal grid on the floor was made by themermaidcottage . I fell in love with crystals a few years ago and now I can't get enough! Love filling my space with high energy beauty. It helps to raise my own spirits and I work much better when I'm feeling happy! Goal for 2018-keep the vibration high and have more fun.
#crystalhealing #crystalgrid #drewbrophy #sanclemente #artgallery

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Open at The Gallery today! Giving specials on Drew's surf inspired canvas prints. Come see us! Our beautiful new space is in groovy, downtown San Clemente at 139 Avenida Granada.

#sanclemente #openhouse #drewbrophy #artgallery #surfart #sacredgeometryart #blackfriday

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Early valentines present for kirsty_ievins who’s all the way over in the Phillipines on a dream dive adventure with brinkleydavies and her crew of girls. Have fun babe and see you when you get back home πŸ₯° .

#madewithposca #surfboardart #surfing #waves #posca #martynworthington #hotbutteredsurfboards #stoked #boardporn #salty #everythinglooksbetterpainted #PoscaSurface #brophyartacademy #POSCApens #poscausa

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An artist asked: "Many successful artists have a spouse biz partner. But how can a single person create success SOLO?"
With ANY business, having help enables you to sell more, achieve more and GROW your business.
Artists always tell me "Drew's so lucky to have you to help him." And my response is: ✨
You, too, can find someone to help. It doesn't have to be a family member.
Regardless of whether your assistant is a spouse or an employee, you still have to pay them!
Having an assistant can help grow your business, because two heads and two sets of hands can do more than double the work (and sales).
It doesn't matter WHO helps you, as long as they do a great job, they
will help you to grow your business.
Have you tried hiring someone to help you with your art business? Share in the comments your thoughts and questions, please!
Photo Credit: David Macomber davidmacomber_dotcom
#mariabrophy #artmoneysuccess #davidmacomber
#drewbrophy #artbiz #sanclemente

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