Drew and Maria Brophy had a dream:  To inspire your imagination by making art easy and fun for everyone.

They began this adventure over 20 years ago, traveling and painting with locals in small towns all over the world.

They discovered that art can change a life; when someone is given the right tools and techniques, regardless of natural talent, that person can become an artist.  

As they traveled to places like Australia, Mexico and Europe, they found that some of their students not only learned how to paint, but they were able to create a viable living with what they learned.

After years of sharing techniques one-on-one, they wanted to reach even more people:  home-schooled kids, gifted artists looking for new mediums and adults who want something fun to do.

Together they founded Brophy Art Academy, an online community that fosters art, confidence and encouragement.

The Brophys believe that art should be accessible to everyone, not just those born with an innate gift for it.    They currently are working to raise funds for the cost of setting up The Brophy Art Project, their dream of making art supplies and instruction available to those in need.  In the meantime, they are donating a % of  art kit profits to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, which shares a similar goal of providing art supplies to those in need.  (If you want to help with the legal fees of setting up The Brophy Art Project, please contact mariab@drewbrophy.com)

They hope to Inspire Your Imagination and make art fun for everyone!


Drew Brophy married his passion for surfing and art and has been a full time professional artist his entire life.

As a teenager, Drew developed a special painting technique using Uni Posca Paint Pens.  This technique enabled him to make a full time living as an artist and illustrator. He’s traveled the world painting and surfing and spreading the joy of art for over 30 years.

Drew loves sharing the joy of art with the world.



Maria Brophy is author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Art Money & Success, and is an art licensing and business consultant.  Since 2009, Maria has helped thousands of artists learn how to run their art business for fun and profit.  

Maria loves to help artists see their potential and help them reach it.  

Together, Drew and Maria’s Mission is to Inspire Your Imagination by teaching fun and easy to learn art techniques and by making life easier for artists.  

Their ultimate goal is to make art supplies available for all, even those who do not have access to it.  They are currently working on raising funds to create The Brophy Art Project, a non-profit that will be designed to do just that.  

Welcome to the Brophy Art Academy!

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